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Frequently Asked Questions

I understand you may have questions about exactly what it is that I do, and I can answer those questions. Here a few of the common questions, but of course, if your question is not listed below, you can contact me. I am happy to answer any other questions you may have.

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What exactly does a financial coach do?

Finance is 20% knowledge, but it is 80% behavior. My job as a financial coach is not only to help repair your finances, but also to make sure you never get to that stressful place again. And that involves changing those behaviors while we work on the numbers. As your coach, I can look at your finances in an objective way to guide you to making healthier money decisions. I ask questions to help you uncover why you manage money the way you do so we can correct those behaviors together. Together, we will assemble a budget, make a plan to pay off debt, build an emergency fund, invest for retirement, and save for college. My goal is help you live a life of financial peace and security as well as build a legacy to impact your family for generations.

How do I know if I need financial coaching?

Your finances and the way you manage your money affects your life in many ways, mentally, emotionally, and even physically. You may be in a deep whole of debt close to bankruptcy or foreclosure. You may be just tired of living paycheck to paycheck. You may be dreaming of retiring comfortably. You may simply have big dreams you want to fund. Whether your situation is dire or not, everyone could use some guidance sometimes. I, myself, use a financial advisor for my investing since that is not my field of expertise. (A financial coach and a financial advisor are very different if you didn't know!) If you are still unsure about hiring me as a financial coach, schedule a complimentary Discovery Session so we can discuss your specific situation and how I can help.

What are your fees?

The cost of your coaching greatly depends on your specific financial situation and your specific needs. I have different membership options depending on how often we will need to meet. You will receive a complimentary consultation, the Discovery Session. The first Coaching Session and follow up sessions will be charged. With your coaching sessions, you will also receive Progress Calls included with the price of your session. At the end of your Discovery Session, I will go over your plan and how long we should consider working together to achieve your goals.

What are your qualifications?

I am certified through the Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach Master Training. This course provides in depth training to help me guide you toward your financial goals while also addressing the why behind your behaviors. Finance is 20% knowledge and 80% behavior. I am trained to help you discover the behaviors that have cause your financial troubles and change the way you manage money to be able to make strong financial decisions throughout your life.

In addition to this training, I am also walking the Ramsey Baby Steps. I am living the principles I teach and have found great success.  I am proof that this plan works and will continue to help me build wealth. Read my story if you'd like to know more about how my husband and I have carried out this same plan that I will be teaching you. 

Do you hold sessions in person or online?

This is up to you. I personally prefer to meet in person as I find it better to get to know each other and build a relationship. I live in the Fort Collins, Colorado and am happy to meet anywhere on the Northern Colorado Front Range. After booking a session, I will contact you with some options for meeting places. Today's technology gives me to opportunity to serve people throughout the United States. I am also happy to meet over Zoom if that is better for you.

I don't make enough money to budget and pay off debt. Can you still help me?

If you feel you don't make enough money, then it is essential that you are budgeting. When you budget every month, you tell every dollar where to go instead of wondering where it all went. You catch those little things you have been spending money on that can easily be cut out. You will often will find "extra" money that can go to paying off debt. Your budget is based on your income, no matter how high or how low it is. Part of my job as your financial coach is to teach you how to make an accurate budget and how to stick with it. It takes time to work out the kinks when you initially begin budgeting. I recommend committing to it for more than 90 days to make sure you have it down.

I want to pay off debt and improve our finances, but my spouse isn't helping. How do I get them on board?

As a married couple, it is essential that you are on the same page with your goals and work together to achieve them. Sometimes, one of you is reluctant. In my marriage, the reluctant one was me. Unfortunately, your spouse has to decide to get on board for themselves. However, there are some ways I can help you talk to them so they will come to that conclusion on their own. If your spouse refuses to join you for financial coaching, we can meet for a Discovery Session to discuss ways you can approach this with your spouse. Like I said, this is essential for your financial goals, but I can help you get them on board.

I can't even keep up with my bills. How can I expect to pay for financial coaching?

As your financial coach, I help you spend less money with budgeting. But a large part of my job is to also help you make more money. Today, there are hundreds of "side hustles" so you can make extra money to catch up on bills and pay towards debt. We will discuss your hobbies and things you enjoy doing. Together, we can find ways to turn what you love into income. An amazing book to help with this is Paycheck to Purpose by Ken Coleman. I highly recommend it if you want to find purpose in your career. Your income will increase with my guidance and your commitment to this program. The cost of coaching will easily be replaced and exceeded by the money you make as well as the money saved on budgeting. Remember, this is an investment in your future.

Can you help me with any other financial services?

There are many financial services I won't be able to provide for you. That is why I have developed a network of people in my area whom I trust and often do business with myself. If you need services I can't provide, I would be happy to refer you to someone within my network. These services may include financial advisors, bankruptcy attorney, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, marriage and family counseling, and certified personal accountants.

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