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My Mission

My mission is to always be a leader to my clients while giving the guidance needed to be an independent financial decision-maker. I will treat my clients with the utmost respect and never judge for past mistakes, as I have made many of my own. I will keep the identity and circumstances of my clients confidential. Any and all financial information provided during our sessions will remain with me in confidence. I strive to improve the lives around me, financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

My Story

My husband and I had dug ourselves into a deep hole of debt. We were always stressed and avoided the topic of money. When we were forced to discuss it, the result was always a fight. Finally, we hit a breaking point. His work was slow, and there wasn't much money coming in. It was either find a solution or with our finances and with our marriage. 

I was reluctant but agreed to do a budget for the first time in my life. We followed the baby steps plan.  We were able to pay off all our debt in 10 months and save our fully funded emergency fund of 4 months expenses. The communication in our relationship is better than ever. We are finally on the same page of our lives and moving toward a common goal.

Because of our commitment to the plan, we now have financial peace. The weight on my shoulders has lifted. Now, I am guiding my clients using this same plan, showing you the path toward your own financial peace.


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